Technical Due Diligence

Technical Due Diligence

Despite many of today’s businesses relying solely on the successful implementation of highly complex technologies, due diligence reviewing the core technology of an opportunity is often overlooked. Technical due diligence (TDD) offers assessment, metric definition, and contingency development for technologies in the context of the modern business. Though all TDD programs differ in scope, they share common attributes in assessing the risks related to a technology. Some of those key risks include:

  • Risk that the technology is not competitive.
  • Risk of an organization and technology mismatch.
  • Risk that the technology will not effectively scale or transfer.
  • Risk that the technology is not adequately supported, recorded or understood.
  • Risk that the resources required to develop and deploy a technology are insufficient.

TDD evaluates these risks by reviewing essential concepts include analyzing the opportunity’s science, the technology development and deployment plans, operational capabilities, resource requirements and the status of the informal and formal intellectual property supporting the technology.

MPS offers a comprehensive selection of technical due diligence services. Whether, you need a quick review flagging risks or a comprehensive technology assessment. Upon completion, an easy-to-read report summarizing the findings and recommendations is prepared. An in-house presentation and meeting with key players can be scheduled facilitating the transfer of information and intelligence gathering.

The scope of a report can be adjusted to meet the goals, timetable, and detail you require to make an informed decision.

We invite you to contact MPS to learn more about our technical
due diligence services.

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