Atoms and molecules are the fundamental building blocks of matter, their arrangement and how they interact with one another define an objects properties and performance characteristics. Nanotechnology is the engineered manipulation of atoms and molecules. The application of nanotechnology allows the practitioner to design and build systems on a nanoscale (i.e. components 100,000 times smaller than the width of a hair). It is a new way of thinking, and a new area of science and engineering.

This revolutionary concept has far-reaching implications that extend beyond the miniaturization of electronic components. Biomedical applications, energy systems and smart materials are just a few of the countless fields impacted by nanotechnology. Nanotechnology is already significantly impacting the technology landscape. In 2009, nano-enabled products were worth $250 billion worldwide, $90 billion in the U.S. alone. Projections from the U.S. government and the National Science Foundation reported that by 2020, the world market for nanoproducts will be closer to $3 trillion globally and $1.3 trillion domestically. Nanotechnology will not only impact the global economy, it will affect almost every facet of modern living. Nanotechnology is truly the engine of the future.

What we can do for you:

MPS has the experience and expertise to offer solutions that leverage “the nano-advantage”. We understand the technology and the infrastructure required to achieve market success. Our expertise includes:

  • Technical services
  • Production technologies
  • Technology transfer and implementation
  • Practitioner’s view of the nanotechnology marketplace
  • Due diligence and risk assessment on emerging technologies
  • Translation services (i.e. translating science to business and jargon to English)
  • Patent drafting, prosecution, evaluation and development of offensive and defensive intellectual property strategies

We invite you to contact MPS to learn more about our nanotechnology and advanced materials development services.

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