Current Projects

Current Projects

Nanostructured materials by vapor deposition

The ability to assemble nanoparticles into arrays, networks and circuits in a precise and controlled manner is key to fabricating commercially viable nanodevices. MPS has developed and patented a unique vapor deposition technology capable of producing nanoscale-engineered thin films. These thin-film coatings are structured and user-defined in terms of geometry and chemical composition in all three dimensions. This is fundamentally unique from the present state of the art, which offers control over two dimensions. Three-dimensionally controlled systems enable miniaturization, enhancement of optical, electro-magnetic and mechanical properties, user-defined geometries and an engineered approach to designing and producing multifunctional material systems. This technology was recently used to produce a novel catalyst that effectively dropped the temperature required for the onset of the reaction (conversion of coal to hydrogen) by over 200 degrees Celsius. This drop in temperature translates directly to cost savings in terms of energy requirements and process times.

Alternative energy: Ceramic photovoltaic power source

MPS is presently developing a novel device that employs the photovoltaic effect on poled ferroelectric ceramics with aligned ferroelectric domains to produce electrical power from incident-wide band radiation. Similar to a solar panel, this system converts incident radiation into electrical power. This technology differentiates itself from solar power by leveraging a wider span of radiation in a miniaturized package, which works day or night.

Recent projects have included:

  • Development of a material system capable of absorbing the energy from a bomb blast and converting part of this energy into remediation of secondary blast effects.
  • Using proteins as scaffolding to create designer nanoscale molecules.
  • Technical consultant for the development of wear resistant coatings for knee and hip replacements.
  • Patent evaluations and IP strategy development for a number of different industries.
  • Technical due diligence evaluating alternative energy, materials refining and emerging investment opportunities for professional and institutional investors.

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